1. haroldlloyds:

    Brief Encounter (1945)

    I had no thoughts at all, only an overwhelming desire not to feel anything ever again.

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  3. lyannaed:

    when your friend starts watching one of your favorite shows


    when they start acting like they know more than you


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  4. hellugh:


    This guy has the biggest balls

    "did she say yes? …..hell yea"

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    1. Friend : I broke up with him
    2. Me : You did the right thing . he was an asshole
    3. Friend : We are back together
    4. Me : Well done,i am so happy for you , he is such a nice guy.

  6. straight white boy problem #87631

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  8. lanadelreying:

    Fans in Phoenix told Lana how well West Coast was doing in the US and she burst into tears

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    this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit


    im in physical pain

    *wretching noises*

    this is about as appealing as malcom in jurassic park

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