1. The Incomplete Irony of Frank and Adam

    Frank stared at the ground solemnly. He stared with those same eyes. The same lonely looking eyes that caught Adam’s attention in the first place. It was all sort of ironic in a way. The lonely feeling was taken away so quickly… and quickly again put back in it’s rightful place. “So this is it? This is how it happens? I don’t understand how someone could be so convincing.” Frank never took his eyes off the ground. 

    "I told you from the beginning that you wouldn’t like me", Adam muttered. "I told you that you weren’t the only one. It just happened that you’d run into me with someone else. It’s not like I was hiding it from you."

    "Can you just answer one question?" Frank asked, finally making eye contact. 

    "Sure, I guess that’s fine" Adam said blankly.

    "How did you convince me so subtly. How could anyone lie that well? I’ve never gotten played before. What the hell made you any different?" 

    "The best lies told are the ones you’re a little convinced of yourself."