1. A Boy

    This is to a boy I do not know. I exaggerate even the simplest of details. I examine your skin as if every pore is filled with the nectar of Gods. Although you may not know me, I’ve heard every word you’ve said. I’ve heard them so clearly and so phonetically correct that I could hear these words through a raging crowd. I could hear these words through the currents and tides of the seven seas. If you ever see this, I don’t want you to get flattered or apprehensive. I want you to understand that this message isn’t about you, it is to you. The eyes on this message are not the boy I’ve fallen in love with. The eyes of that boy are created only by letters, letters connected to words, words connected to sentences, sentences connected to paragraphs. Letters that seem as real to me as the hairs on my arm, but letters nonetheless. 

    I would use every symbol known to man (or even several that are not) and I could not grasp the emotion that I have. All this writing seems to be wasted on a boy who will never read it. Though that statement may be true, it does not help. It is not my fault that my mind is so aggressively attached to this imaginary boy. Every word I create or have created belongs to this boy. I would lay down every paper, notebook, or blog post I’ve written and give it to him in hopes that he’d feel even a microscopic amount of what I feel for him.  However, that boy is a figment of my imagination and so this message is not to him. This message is not to a boy I will never know. This is message is to a boy that I do not know, yet I hope to know so I may begin writing letters again.


  2. Close But No Cigar.

    Katie woke up on the left side of the bed. She immediately brushed her long brown hair out of her face and went downstairs to the kitchen. She filled a cup with black coffee to start her day. Katie changed into her favorite purple tank top and ran out the door to the bus. When she arrived at school she went to her locker and grabbed more books than she could handle. She gripped to them like they were her mother’s hand in a grocery store. Katie wandered through the halls staring at the footsteps of each passing student. As she was walking to class she noticed someones shoes were remarkably similar to hers. I’ve never seen someone who has the same peach colored Converse. she thought to herself and before she knew it she rammed into the person. BAM! In the blink of an eye, a cup of black coffee spilled onto her shirt. Katie started hyperventilating, because even though no one was laughing she could hear them in her head. She dropped her books and ran away. Katie cried in the bathroom stall quietly to herself and she could so easily feel the tears sliding down her face. They almost tickled as they dripped into her lap. Katie stayed there for about an hour until the end of school. She stood in line at the library to try and see if anyone returned her books. While in line she kept to herself, not looking up at all. She heard people arguing behind her. Something about cutting in line. She ignored it and left the library without her books. Katie was picked up by her mom and immediately started crying when she got in the car. She started blasting Noah and the Whale’s “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N”. Her mom started to console her. Katie looked at her mom and said “Love you!” with a big smile on her face. It was quite a shame when her mom didn’t notice the light turn red.

    Travis woke up on the right side of the bed. He hit the alarm clock snooze one too many times and  now didn’t have time to eat breakfast or anything. He just threw on the first shirt he could find, a pair of jeans, and his favorite peach colored Converse then went bolting out the door. When Travis arrived in the car he started playing “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” by Noah and the Whale and drove off. Travis arrived at school a couple minutes late so he quickly grabbed his purple hoodie and slammed the door shut. Travis walked through confidently with a book clipped to his side by an elbow and a cup of coffee in hand, plenty of room to carry more. Travis noticed a girl in the halls. He had never seen her before, but she just looked at the ground as she walked. The secret girl’s long hair made it so hard to see her face. Before he realized, he’d already bumped into her. BAM! Every book she had fell to the ground. Before Travis could apologize and help her, she ran away as embarrassed as ever. He went on with his day and finished his classes although, she never really left his mind. Katie Hughes, he thought to himself as he read the inside cover of her textbooks, who the hell are you? Travis walked to the library to return them to the lost and found. While he was in line, he saw Katie’s hair and instantly recognized her. He started walking towards her when some tall football player guy yelled at him to not cut in line. Travis kept walking and got pushed and dropped the books. He started fighting with the football player a bit and didn’t notice Katie leave. He picked up the books and decided he would return them to her in person. Travis and got in his car and kept thinking about Katie. He started driving and just as the light turned green he noticed something. Katie, he thought to himself “I..” 



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    The best part of my day was hanging out with you :)

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  4. I really don’t like one direction.


    Bring on the hate xo

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  5. Christmas makes me so sad.

    It just reminds me how broken my family is. I love my parents. I love my stepdad. We just used to have such a full house when my parents were together. My brother and cousin lived with us still and on Christmas we’d have a ton more people stay with us and it was so nice. 

    I woke up to random relatives on my floor and in the hallway. I’d walk down the stairs and have to step over a few passed out cousins. Then, I’d finally get to the tree and I’d sit and wait. I remember my mom was always the first one awake. We’d just sit and whisper. It was so wonderful.

    Now, It’s just me at my mom’s or my dad’s. No tree. No family. I wake up early and don’t want to start my day. All my friends have such big plans of going to grandparents or something. I lay there. I try not to think about how lonely it is, but that’s all I end up thinking about. I’ve never had a relationship during the whole season of Winter. That just makes the loneliness sink in more. 

    This year, my friend Steph and I are going to do something. Her family is pretty broken, too. I hate that she has to go through it, but it’s bittersweet knowing that someone can relate to you in this way. My friends are my family, and I hope this year breaks my depressing streak.

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    This is my secrets video. I know it won’t get lots of re-blogs and likes like all the others, but I felt like sharing with everyone

  7. can we just have one giant tumblr cuddle orgy while having a Harry Potter/Doctor Who marathon?

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  9. will give blowjobs for gummy bears

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  10. I hate alcohol. I could never be close friends with someone who gets drunk. Ever.

    I won’t judge you, but I just can’t allow myself to be close to you. It’s… personal. My whole family drinks. We’re addicted to everything. Everyone in my family dies from self inflicted pains either ODing, suicide, or cancer caused by drugs.

    Not to mention the other possible stuff that can come from it like diseases of the liver, heart, kidney. Cancers in the throat, vocal chords. Increase chances of breast cancer for woman, and colon cancer for men. Don’t tell me it doesn’t do anything to your body.