1. I’ll Walk Away

    I’ve watched you walk away practically every single time we were leaving each others side. From the first date onward. I guess I was trying to hold on to an image of you because I didn’t know how long it was going to last. The image of a boy that seemed to come into my life so seamlessly. Well now the time has come and again I’m stuck this useless image of a lover now past. Past because this will be nothing but a distant memory. Not recorded in history books or in the stories you told your family, but a memory that remains in my heart (and yours as well I hope). Something that will forever get me is the security guard at the front of your building. One man saw an entire beginning and ending of a relationship and on the very last night at the very last moment he said something that made me laugh and cry at the same time “are you coming back?” No I’m not. I’m really not, and I tried to watch you walk away. You were gone too quickly.


  2. Close But No Cigar.

    Katie woke up on the left side of the bed. She immediately brushed her long brown hair out of her face and went downstairs to the kitchen. She filled a cup with black coffee to start her day. Katie changed into her favorite purple tank top and ran out the door to the bus. When she arrived at school she went to her locker and grabbed more books than she could handle. She gripped to them like they were her mother’s hand in a grocery store. Katie wandered through the halls staring at the footsteps of each passing student. As she was walking to class she noticed someones shoes were remarkably similar to hers. I’ve never seen someone who has the same peach colored Converse. she thought to herself and before she knew it she rammed into the person. BAM! In the blink of an eye, a cup of black coffee spilled onto her shirt. Katie started hyperventilating, because even though no one was laughing she could hear them in her head. She dropped her books and ran away. Katie cried in the bathroom stall quietly to herself and she could so easily feel the tears sliding down her face. They almost tickled as they dripped into her lap. Katie stayed there for about an hour until the end of school. She stood in line at the library to try and see if anyone returned her books. While in line she kept to herself, not looking up at all. She heard people arguing behind her. Something about cutting in line. She ignored it and left the library without her books. Katie was picked up by her mom and immediately started crying when she got in the car. She started blasting Noah and the Whale’s “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N”. Her mom started to console her. Katie looked at her mom and said “Love you!” with a big smile on her face. It was quite a shame when her mom didn’t notice the light turn red.

    Travis woke up on the right side of the bed. He hit the alarm clock snooze one too many times and  now didn’t have time to eat breakfast or anything. He just threw on the first shirt he could find, a pair of jeans, and his favorite peach colored Converse then went bolting out the door. When Travis arrived in the car he started playing “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” by Noah and the Whale and drove off. Travis arrived at school a couple minutes late so he quickly grabbed his purple hoodie and slammed the door shut. Travis walked through confidently with a book clipped to his side by an elbow and a cup of coffee in hand, plenty of room to carry more. Travis noticed a girl in the halls. He had never seen her before, but she just looked at the ground as she walked. The secret girl’s long hair made it so hard to see her face. Before he realized, he’d already bumped into her. BAM! Every book she had fell to the ground. Before Travis could apologize and help her, she ran away as embarrassed as ever. He went on with his day and finished his classes although, she never really left his mind. Katie Hughes, he thought to himself as he read the inside cover of her textbooks, who the hell are you? Travis walked to the library to return them to the lost and found. While he was in line, he saw Katie’s hair and instantly recognized her. He started walking towards her when some tall football player guy yelled at him to not cut in line. Travis kept walking and got pushed and dropped the books. He started fighting with the football player a bit and didn’t notice Katie leave. He picked up the books and decided he would return them to her in person. Travis and got in his car and kept thinking about Katie. He started driving and just as the light turned green he noticed something. Katie, he thought to himself “I..” 



  3. 6/21/12

    The title is the date because I realized something tonight that was very important. I went to dinner with my dad tonight! We went to the Cheesecake Factory, and I’m not sure why but I find one of the waiters incredibly attractive. His name is Brandon (I’m a creeper I know) and he’s gorgeous. Every time he walked by I died a little inside. Tonight though, was different. He walked by and I would still cry to myself, but this is the last night I’ll do that. 

    I was at the table with my dad and directly next to us was a couple that had clearly been together for a while. They were slouching and on their phones and didn’t really care. In my mind this dinner was their “date night” but it wasn’t really even a date. (I’ll probably write a story about this later) Then on the table on the other side of them was a man and woman who were very obviously on their first or second date. 

    As a writer, my two favorite literary elements are irony and juxtaposition. If you don’t know, juxtaposition is placing two things side by side in order to compare them. For example, in a movie, one scene might be about best friends fighting over some guy and the very next scene might be a couple of friends consoling another from a break up. This is a form of juxtaposition to compare the two kinds of friendships. Anyway, I digress.

    It was nice to see the universe portraying this kind of natural juxtaposition right in front of me. In this moment, I realized something. Usually on tumblr I don’t share about my romantic life, but I have been talking to a boy. He’s very attractive and with his permission I’ll post his link or something. What I realized when seeing those two couples was.. the second I saw the happy couple.. I thought of Jake (thats his name).

    I wished that I was on that date with him and we were both sort of nervous, but not really. I’m tired of waiting around for some guy. Jake is a great person and I’m so stupid for not appreciating him. I don’t know if I’ll end up dating Jake for a month or a year or end up with him. I just know that when I’m older and I’m with whoever I’m with I’ll think about those two couples and hopefully remember the date “6/21/12”.


  4. Patricia the Bunny

    The kids in school called Patricia a bunny, because she was. She practically floated from class to class, leaving a positive mark on everyone she encountered. Patricia was the star of her drama class. No one noticed the empty seats where her parents were supposed to be because she didn’t let them. One night in particular, she got to play Cinderella (the lead of course). Everyone in the school was talking about how excited they were. It seemed that no matter what was going on or who you were talking to, everyone loved Patricia. She practically was illuminated with beauty when she walked on to the stage. The white gloves glistened in the reflection of the spotlight. She spun around during her dance number and everyone stared in awe. This night was no different then the others. Her parents seats were empty and again no one noticed. How could they? She was beautiful. When they found her hanging from her closet it came as quite a shock. The white gloves that once glistened were now slashed and dyed red. When the paramedics arrived they announced her dead, because she was.


  5. The Inaudible Drummer Boy

    Robert was never really popular. He never really talked. He didn’t always dress the best and he didn’t always tell the funniest jokes. That one time he attempted to kill himself didn’t exactly help either. “I just wanted my heart to stop beating” He said to his parents. After that he didn’t need to worry about being popular because he was home schooled. One day, Robert found an old drum set in his garage and started to play a bit. He really began to enjoy it after a while. He joined a band and even did a few shows in his area. A rumor went around that he only played the drums because he wanted to stop “hearing the voices in his head.” Robert never cared. He was too busy being happy for once in his life. A lot of things about him changed. He couldn’t ever pick a color he liked the best so he always wore stripes. He wore dress shoes constantly because he liked the tapping noise it made. He decided his choice of ice cream by which one had the most left because he felt bad for it. Robert ended up becoming extremely famous and every magazine always asked the same thing, “Why did you decide to pick up the drums?” His answer was always the same, “I want to make their hearts beat.”

    (Source: ryancanfly)

  6. typewriterblues:

    -2 by Richard Brautigan